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April 29, 2014 | By

Angus Mohr wants to sincerely thank all who attended our St. Patrick’s Day shows. You likely noticed something different.

“On lead guitar, please welcome Mike Aggson.” What??? Colorado’s own Highland Rock N’ Roll band with a guitar player of Viking descent? The Vikings historically came in, and caused a commotion. However, Angus Mohr takes its name from a man who found a way to make peace with Viking invaders just before the turn of the first millennium. They say history repeats…

On January 1st, 2014, our good friend and compatriot, Mark “Byrd” Tester, announced the decision to hang up his Stratocaster and return to real life. It is an amicable parting. Byrd is a great friend and guitar player. We will miss him dearly.

Of all the comments Angus Mohr v2.0 got during the St. Patrick’s blitz of shows, our favorite is “sounds like you guys have been practicing a lot”. Indeed. We have rediscovered how much we really like what we do. We have also rediscovered our catalog of original music, so expect to hear live the Angus Mohr that usually only lives on our recordings. With Mike’s wide musical background, some material will sound more traditional and some will intensify with increased stylistic fusion. We’ll also be coaxing Gusty Christensen (another Viking!!!), our live and studio sound engineer, onto the stage to play didgeridoo, tapping into the tribal feel of our Angus Mohr family.

One thing is certain, Angus Mohr is what it is—an American band proud of its mixed cultural heritage. We are proud to pay homage to the past, but strive to be true to our personal musical history. We wear our Kilts with pride, and relish crashing power chords into century’s old music in our own American way.

Angus Mohr Version 2.0 is looking forward to continuing our adventures. We invite anyone with thoughts and comments in this regard share them with us at, where you will also find more information regarding Mike and what he brings to us.

Whatever has been, whatever may be, we remain sincerely yours,

Angus Mohr

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