Benefit For Max Watson – 5/31/14

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Once again Angus Mohr is lending their talent and bending your ear to help raise money for a good cause. They’ll be playing a benefit show for Give Max a Lift, from 2pm-6pm on May 31st at Defy! Crossfit, 6850 W. 116th Ave, Unit A, in Broomfield.

Ten year old Max Watson was the first of fourteen patients identified with the newly discovered metabolic disorder Cobalamin X. From birth, Max has faced developmental challenges including an inability to walk or stand. Because his condition compromises his immune system, Max attends fourth grade via a remote classroom. His family cares for him in their home, moving Max many times each day and ensuring that his life is rich and full.

However, the ease with which a parent can lift and carry an infant disappears as the child grows. Max’s family has reached a point where they need to install overhead ceiling lifts and make the additional home modifications that will enable them to care for Max for the next ten years and beyond.

Because his was the condition that helped not only define the disease, but has given researchers new insight into the dynamic relationship between metabolism and cellular composition, Max’s challenges strengthen the ability of doctors to make accurate diagnoses and provide appropriate care to patients with a variety of metabolic conditions.

He also loves the sound of bagpipes.

So, let’s give Max a lift. Let’s lighten the cares of his family. Let’s, once again, fan the flame of the hearth where we gather to keep those we love as close as we can for as long as we can. It is the warmest light we know.

***The Maximilian M. Watson Trust is a special needs trust registered in the State of Colorado to distribute monies in support of this child. All funds are accounted for and distributed by the Trust.

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