Scott ‘Gusty’ Christensen | Audio Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

“A great ear, a calming influence, and a commanding presence.” That’s how Paul McDaniel describes Scott “Gusty” Christensen, Angus Mohr’s Live Sound Engineer and Chief engineer at Mohr Fire Studio.

Once a garage band harmonica player, Gusty discovered a talent for visualizing sound and capturing its sweet spot while arranging microphones and running tape on that band’s borrowed recording equipment.

“There’s a lot I figured out on my own that I learned later had names and processes, but without rediscovering the wheel, gaining a sense of that wheel’s use, I might only be doing what someone else thinks is right and not using my imagination.”

He tinkered for ten years, then in January of 1990, Gusty’s mother passed, leaving him with a final piece of advice, “Do what you love.” He hasn’t done anything else since.

Gusty began running live sound for Angus Mohr on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009.

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